About the Organization

Dristi Proitbondhi Unnayan Parishad DPUP is a National Organization working for the Development of the Disabled and distressed People in Bangladesh.  DPUP is non-profit, non-government organization working since the year 2002 for social and economic, sustainable development, environment protection, climate change, waste management, economic empowerment for the vulnerable and distressed people of Bangladesh.   

Legal Status of  DPUP :  DPUP has been registered under : (1) NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh. Registration no. 2850. Date of Registration: 16 June 2008 (2) Social welfare ministry of Government of Bangladesh Registration  No: DHHA Dh-07135  (Date of registration 30 June 2002).  (3) Youth Development Department, Registration Number- Dhaka-613 (Date of Registration 06.04.2006)

Head Office :
182, Sultangoanj Road, City Corporation Market,
Rayerbazar,  Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh
Tel : 02-8155867, Phone: 01756937207, 01783556596
Email : dpup.bangladesh@gmail.com
Website : www.dpup.org

Lesion Office :
Hose 20, Plot 41/48, West Gopalpur, Tongi, Gazipur, City Corporation, Gazipur, Post 1710, Bangladesh. Email : socialwelfare.dpo@gmail.com

Contact Person 
Madhob Chandra Sarkar (Blind Person)         
General Secretary & Executive Director, DPUP
Mobile : 01783556596

Head of the Organization:   
Madhob Chandra Sarkar, Blind person
Founder General Secretary & Executive Director

Vision of DPUP : To develop a society where all people irrespective of their faith, color, race and disabled person will have the right to enjoy equal rights, status, dignities and opportunities in respect of human being. DPUP envisions that all disabled people irrespective of caste, creed & religion will be self-reliant & dignified through establishment of their equal rights & opportunities encompassing mainstreaming in the society.

Mission of DPUP :   The main mission of DPUP is to make effort to improve the socio economic condition of the blind, disabled, disadvantaged people, human rights-especially women & children, poor distressed and destitute persons. Socio-economic up-liftment of the disabled people with health & hygiene, education, self-help, human rights, gender equity, income generation, recreation & shelter through multipurpose skills development training & improvement of environment.

Goal of DPUP : The overall goal of DPUP To make a strong National Organization by which to establish equal rights and opportunities for people with all types of disabled, blind, disadvantaged people, human rights-especially women, poor distressed and destitute persons in Bangladesh.

Md Ajijul Islam 

Aroti Rani (Disabled Person)
Senior Vice-President

Khandakar Tanbir Hossain

Madhob Chandra Sarkar (Disabled Person)
General Secretary cum Executive Director

Luky Roy

Runa Begum
Executive Member

Shondhaya Rani Sarker (Disabled Person)
Executive Member 

Madhob Chandra Sarkar (Disabled Person)   
Executive Director

Farjana Akter (Disabled Person)   
Assistant Director

Md Tarek Hasan (Disabled Person)
Program Consultant

Batchu Hossain (Disabled Person)
Chief Accountant

Protima Rani Das

Md Anisuzzaman
Project Director

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam
Project Manager

Md Kamal Hosen Khan
Project Coordinator

Chad Mahmud
Project Coordinator

Md Dulal Miah
Project Project Facilitator

Rina Akter (Disabled Person)