Area of activities

On Going Activities
Social Development Program
Capacity Building Training
Awareness Raising Program
Democracy and Sustainable Human Development
Motivation & Sensitization
Community Health & Education Program
Climate Change Adaptation, mitigation and Small Projects for adaptation and livelihood Project,  Nursery and agriculture Project,  Fishing, Goat Rearing etc.
Self-help Group Formation
Education Programs for Children with Multiple Disabilities
Providing of Educational Material
Services for the Blind children & their Families
Environment, Forestry and Agriculture Program.
Family planning, Health and Nutrition Program
Providing of Assistive Devices
To prevent violence against women and motivation program
Literacy Program for disabled children
Agriculture Training
Nutrition Training for disabled women
Sanitation awareness raising program.
Nursery Project, Fishing project.
Goat providing in free of cost and Goat rearing program. 
Primary health Care
Two climate club in Dhaka.
Early Warring Center.
Risk reduction program.
Disables Lives Improvement Program –
Small Business Training
Women Disabled Handicraft Training
To aware for Blind People
Rally and Day Observation
Women and Child Advocacy & Awareness Program
Literacy Program
Education & Rehabilitation Program

Plan of Actions
Development and rehabilitation of blind and other disabled persons with particular emphasis on women & children.
Development of human rights for blind, disabled, disadvantage people, women Right, poor distressed and destitute persons.
Vocational Training Center for the blind and other disabled groups.
Building school for the blind and other disabled communities.
Establishment a hospital/ treatment centre for blind, disabled and disadvantaged groups.
Tactile communication training & education center.
Mass education and literacy program.
Arrange agriculture training program.

DPUP’s Areas of Activities:
01.      Administration and Management        
02.      Education
03.      Training
04.      Health and Rehabilitation:
05.      Employment/Income Generation Activities
06.      Advocacy and Awareness Raising
07.      Recreation
08.      Shelters.
09.      Human Rights.
10.      Environment
11.      HIV/AIDS.    
12.      Disaster management and preparedness.
13.      Tree plantation.
14.      Empowering the disabled women.
15.      Legal Aid supports
16.      Advocacy for promoting the quality of lives of the disable children.