What We Do

The activities of our program have shown below: 
1.     Health
2.     Education
3.     Environment
4.     Livelihood
5.     Social Welfare & Empowerment
6.     Research

Health :
a.     Health and Nutrition program
b.     Community Health Education
c.      Prevention
d.     Promotion
e.     Providing Assistive Devices for Disabled
f.       Rehabilitation for Disabled
g.     Medical Care
DPUP provides Health care services for the disabilities and underprivileged communities in order to prevent the issue as well as impairments. Through our small medical camp and awareness raising courtyard meetings and activities we empower and mobilize the local population and fixing the services continuously with local resources. Our health care program responds in a good image from involvement of the target beneficiaries as they are getting health and nutrition education, general medical checkup, maternal services, vaccination, first-aid and physiotherapy services continuously.

Education :
a.     Education program for children with multiple disabilities
b.     Providing of educational material
c.      Non-formal Education
DPUP works to ensure the education for the children with disabilities through providing the education materials, building school and training the teachers so that they can prosper in their future life.

a.     Environment protection
b.     Motivation for Green and Sustainable City
c.      Mass awareness for waste management and recycling
d.     Climate Change Adaptation Program
e.     Climate Change mitigation program

As Bangladesh is the most porn to climate change country due to cyclone, monsoon flood and Sidor etc. as a result disabled people suffer more in such condition. DPUP provides them access to assistive devices, health care facilities, foods, shelter, mobilization, education about climate change, adaptation and awareness raising program etc.  To implement the climate change project we have created 04 (four) committee in upzilla level and four committee in district level with the participation of civil society, government office and local leader.

Livelihood :
a.     Small Business Training
b.     Handicraft Training
c.      Capacity Building Training

To build up the disabled people’s capacity for their own livelihood support DPUP takes different innovative steps such as Agriculture Project, Goat rearing project, Fishing project and Handicraft projects etc. Through providing some special training DPUP make them skill full on that particular area and by the own contribution of DPUP supports and help the project play a great rule to alleviate their sorrows.

Social Welfare & Empowerment
a.     Advocacy and Communication
b.     Self Help Group Formation
c.      Rally
d.     Gender Equality
e.     Women Empowerment

DPUP not only seek collaboration with disabled people but also it pro-actively meets cooperation with social media and local government for the development and ensure of the human rights of extremely vulnerable population through advocacy and empowerment.
Research :
a.     Survey
b.     Data Collation
c.      Focus Group discussion
d.     Research for the development program

Some occasional activities are following :
a.     Drinking water and sanitation program in rural area.
b.     Doing Nutrition Program in Rural and urban area.
c.      Development and rehabilitation of distressed and destitute persons living in both rural and urban areas with special emphasis on women.
d.     Establishment of equal rights for distressed and destitute persons.
e.     Participation in Government efforts for the development of human resources with special emphasis on Blind and other disabled persons.
f.       Establishment of resource centers for blind, disabled, orphans, disadvantage people, women right, poor distressed and destitute persons.
g.     Rehabilitation of mental and intellectual disabled person.
h.     Development of heard hearing people by technical support, Education and awareness raising program.
i.        To assist the government’s efforts for establishment of good governance and rule of laws in the country.
j.       To participate in all events such as mass rallies, holding of seminars and other activities for the establishment human rights, women rights and right of all disabled & Disadvantage people.

Executive Summary :
Bangladesh, being the most densely populated and one of the poorest countries in the world, the disables stand no chance of opportunity in life, especially if the person is poor and female. Out of 170 million, approximately 14% populations are disabled. Bangladesh government has sets of rules and welfare systems to provide assistance but it does not sufficient for this group. DPUP, DRISTI PROTIBONDHI Unnayan Parishad a NGO, free from any political influences and benefits, was founded with a view to bring an end of suffering of this group, give them status and create a society where everyone will be respected. We believe everyone has a duty as a human, a duty within self and a duty towards others, keeping this sincere and honest approach; we concentrate our main activities to improve the Socio Economic status for the most disadvantage group (poor destitute population) and people  with disability. We started as a small organization but our honest and sincere efforts of our Executives, stuffs and volunteers are   enabling us to help more and more disadvantage groups every day and grow bigger. Currently, the activities of the organization are concentrating in the 12 Districts of Bangladesh. In the meantime, DPUP has successfully completed over 17 years of its development interventions in the field of rehabilitation and education of the persons with disability. During the period of 16 years the organization had to confront various odd situations and obstacles in the pursuits of its activities. This specified information / report is an honest and modest effort to publicize all its attempts undertaken to survive as a development of the disabled persons and the progress made in the period of reporting.  So the report at its present form provides a momentary view of the organization’s own profile and its involvement, experiences, lessons learnt, obstacles faced with etc during the implementation of the concerned programs.  DPUP is  operating and implementing is programs for the development of disable people with the support of 6 partner organization in different district of Bangladesh.