Future Plan

Future Plan of Action of DPUP :
01.      To set up DPUP branch Organization in the district level
02.      Formation of Grassroots Disabled People’s Organizations ( GDPO)/ Self- Helps group.
03.      To take necessary step for allotment of Govt. unusable lands as lease through local  administration.
04.      To establish Disability Complex  at divisional level.
05.      Collection of requirements and need assessment.
06.      Transcription of Notes and  text books in Braille system
07.      Distribution of Braille books and notes to the  blind students in Schools, Colleges & Universities
08.      Meeting with Managing Committee of Educational Institutions for ensuring admission, free and safe accessibility in the school premises and educational facilities for the disabled children.
09.      Meeting with parents of the disabled children for motivation and awareness raising on integrated and special education.
10.      Distribution of study materials to disabled students.
11.      To organize adult literacy program for the disabled people.
12.      Campaign at different education institution for creation of awareness among the teachers and students about disability issue
13.      Distribution of stipend to the disabled students
14.      Encouragement of disabled children to be admitted in special/general school with providing study materials and possible co-operation.
15.      Establishment of School for the blind Girls with the Hostel
16.      Leadership Development Training.
17.      Skill Development on Income Generation Activities (IGA)
18.      Advocacy Training.
19.      Rights on Gender Training.
20.      Orientation & mobility and activities of daily living training will be provided for the disabled people as when as it is needed.
21.      Self-Confidence building training .
22.      Organization Management training.
23.      Accounts Management training.
24.      Disability Management training.
25.      Orientation training for the School teachers on disability issue .
26.      Disabled people will be referred to the different training
27.      Centers/institutions.
28.      Computer  and Internet Training.
29.      Graphics design and Software training.
30.      Internet income training.
31.      Social communication training.
32.      Disabled people will be referred to concerning institution/organizations including Hospital, Health Center, Clinic and Rehabilitation Center etc.
33.      Health Camp will be organized in the different part of the country.
34.      Eye Camp will be organized in the selective area.
35.      ENT Camp will be organized.
36.      Physio and Occupational Therapy Camp will be conducted.
37.      Distribution of Assistive Devices (Wheel Chairs, White Cane, Hearing Aid, Crutch, High Chair, Low Trolley, Tricycle, Standing Frame, Worker, Optical, Surgical Show and Artificial Limbs will be provided for the disabled people as what is needed for whom.
38.      Medicine and Nutrition Food will be distributed to the disabled men, women and children through assessing of their needs considering with health condition.
39.      Tub wells and Sanitary Latrine will be provided for the disabled people as water and sanitation facilities.
40.      Financial and technical support will be provided as emergency assistance for the disabled people affected by the natural disaster, disease or any other emergency causes.
41.      Prevention of disability with providing treatment facilities, referral service, suggestions & possible cooperation
42.      Establishment of disability research and ICT centre.
43.      To provide Technical and Financial Support for the trained disabled people for creation of their own earning source as grant.
44.      To provide Micro Credit support for the disabled people for IGA as loan.
45.      To motivate all the Govt. and non-government development organization/agencies including Bank in the working area of DPUP for integration of the disabled people in their loan program.
46.      Motivation of the Authority in the different Govt.& Non-Govt. industries, organizations & offices for creation job opportunities of the disabled people.
47.      To organize cultural competition of the disabled people in the national level.
48.      To organize sports and games competition of the disabled people.
49.      To organize debating program in participation of students in School/College on disability issue.
50.      Formation of Sports and cultural team of disabled people.
51.      To organize a picnic party with the Members, staff and beneficiaries of the  DPUP in every year.
52.      Observance of World White Cane Safety Day, International Disability Day, International Children’s Day, International Literacy Day, International Women’s Day, Independence Day, Human Right’s Day, Louis Braille’s Birth Day, Victory Day and International Mother Language Day.
53.      To organize formal and non-formal meetings at community level.
54.      To organize counseling service with the families as regard disability.
55.      To organize workshop at community and media level regarding fundamental rights and dignity of the PWDs.
56.      Seminar will be organized regarding legislation and policy on disability issue and to organize seminar on UN Convention on the rights of the PWDs.
57.      To organize advocacy meeting in collaboration with the professional groups (Doctors, Teachers, Journalists, Local Administration).
58.      To advocate with the concerning authority for ensuring involvement of DPUP in the different committees of Bangladesh Govt. regarding disability affairs.
59.      To motivate the concerning Ministries/Departments of Bangladesh Govt. for implementation of Disability Rights and Protection Low 2013, National Action Plan, PRSP, National Policy and other relevant documents through coordination and advocacy.
60.      To participate in the different national and international events organized by friendly organizations.
61.      Enhancement of National & International Network through making good relationship, coordination and cooperation.
62.      Formation of advocacy team at the district level.

Long Term Plan :
01.      Establishment of School for the blind Girls with the Hostel
02.      To establish Disability Complex  at divisional level.
04.      To setup a Vocational Training Center.
05.      Health and Rehabilitation centre will be established in the different part of the country.
06.      To establish a radio centre for the disable Persons.
07.      Arrangement of Special Transportation facilities including easy accessibility of the disable persons.
08.      Eye Hospital  will be established in the selective area.
09.      Physio and Occupational Therapy centre will be established.
10.      Establishment of disability research centre.
11.      Establishment of Employment Bureau for the Unemployed Disabled People
12.      To establish recreational centre for the persons with disabilities.
13.      To establish assistive device production industry for the disabled person.
14.      To set up software firm and ICT centre to invent software technology usable for the disable people of Bangladesh.
15.      To establish newspaper and online media with the involvement of disable people.
16.      To establish permanent Information & Resource Center on Disability (IRCD)
17.      To create free and safe accessibility in different important public places.
18.      To work for stopping child abuse and child labour.
19.      To take different types of programs for improving the living quality of the Street-Children.