Management of the organization

A 21 (Twenty one) member General Council meets once in a year and they are responsible to govern the organization. The General members, associated members and life members elected the Governing Council (GC). The General Council (GC) is the highest policy making body of the Organization. A seven (07) member Executive Committee elected by the General Council (GC) looks after the total management of the operation and guide the Executive Director to run the day-to-day Administration and Management. This Executive Committee (EC) should meet once in a month. The Executive Committee (EC) also needs to make plan of operation and prepare the Annual Budget accordingly. The Executive Director / Secretary General Looks after the day to day administration advise and assist the Program Director for effective implementation of all program and Project activities.

Governance of the Activities of the Organization :
The activities of DPUP are governed by an 7 member Executive Committee elected every two years by the General Council of 26 members coming from all the walks of life of the society. The Executive Director of DPUP with the assistance of other secretarial staffs is doing all official and organizational works as the Chief Executive of the organization and he is also responsible for implementation of all the projects. He is responsible to implement the decision of Executive Committee and General Council. There is also a 7-member advisory committee of DPUP where the important personalities provide valuable suggestion and advices for the progress of the organization.