Strategies of the Organization

01.      Working with the disabled and their principle care givers.
02.      Building alliances with the civil society; awareness raising; advocacy and networking (both at Head Office and Project level).
03.      Strengthen the socio-economic and cultural status of disabled people.
04.      Sustainable development at community level.
05.      Expansion of programs.
06.      Mainstreaming gender.
07.      Formation of Grassroots  Disabled People’s Organizations (GDPOs)
08.      Setup DPUP branch organizations at the district and sub-district level.
09.      Formation of disabled women committee and Human rights Coordination Committee.
10.      Strengthening local, national, Regional & International networking and cooperation development
11.      Formation of advocacy team at district level

Information Background of DPUP :
DRISTI PROTIBONDHI Unnayan Parishad (DPUP) has started its journey to the development path from 1st January 2001 and crossed 18 years of its development. Though there were lots of limitations and problems during the last twenty years, the activities have not been stopped but continued its development efforts with own speed, where there were success and failures also. In the mean time, new thoughts and ideas have been introduced in our development interventions and created new innovative sustainable ideas. The demand and expectations of the people however have changed with the march of creative world leaving previous thoughts and expectations, which resulted innovation and addition of new development techniques.
We have been working hard entirely to turn the people into useful human resources and to spread their inner heart fully through increasing their fullest participation in development process. Empowerment of the poor and participation of the women side by side of their male partners are the precondition of our development process.
We are paying our heartiest regards to the respected Executive Committee and General Council Members, whose valuable advice and efforts encouraged and stimulated us. Remembering the field staff of both the lead NGO and the co-operating partners those have performed the difficult responsibilities at the grass root levels for making the programs effective and successful and paying cordial wishes and regards. We are grateful to the Donors, Advisors and the Government Administrations, Different Departments and the sister organizations for their cordial co-operation and supports for the implementation of the Organizational activities.

DPUP, active in the country as a non-profit making, non-political, non-Government national organization of the disabled people duly registered by the NGO Affairs Bureau and social welfare ministry of  Government of the People‘s Republic of Bangladesh was established in 2001 with the initiatives of a group of disabled and some non diasbled philonthropic people. Since its inception, DPUP has been working for the disabled persons in the country with the firm faith in the morals of working for the poorest strata of rural people irrespective of castes and creeds and the ideal of the service for them is to convert the disabled people into working hands towards self-reliance by self-doings to lead life with dignity and honor so that their rights and privileges are recognized and their opportunities to participate in the mainstream of national development activities are ensured.

To make the disabled people aware of their duties and responsibilities to their families, society and the state as true citizen, the DPUP took up programs of their self development & Empowerment to materialize its objectives and goal. DPUP works through its working potentials of (i) Identifying the disabled people through initial survey (ii) Enhancing the skills and ability of non-curable ones by appropriate and felt-needed training to strengthen the human creativity in them (iii) Activating their training skill through provision of liberal credit support as collective loan as a starting point of emancipation from social and economical bondage (iv) Referring the curable impaired persons to appropriate institutions i.e. other NGO, special clinics, hospitals nearby for restoration of their vision by treatment.

As per constitution of DPUP disabled people have rights to express their views and ideas by participating in the decision making and implementation process of the organization. DPUP gives importance on democratic values and social commitment of the disabled people. It cordially believes in that disabled people are inseparable part of the society, they are able to play active role in the mainstreaming development and nation-building activities by utilizing their skills and talents.  DPUP is very much careful and attentive to take up effective program for empowerment, inclusive development, self-reliance and independent living of the disabled people.

Priority areas of the Organization.

01.      To create self-help groups / teams to establish and protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities to establish.
02.      Create employment opportunities for persons with disabilities to increase their purchasing power and contribute to family as a member of the family to ensure their credibility.
03.      To create educational opportunities of Informal and formal and all types education for persons with disabilities.
04.      To build persons with disabilities as worthy citizens of the state, to empower them and assurance of integrating development, self-reliant, independent and self-reliant way of life.
05.      To provide advice and support including legal assistance to women with disabilities victims of violence, torture of any form, in all possible way.
06.      To work for disabled-friendly environment and access to development.